HTML Compiler: appShellExec vs appGetCmdOutput

Bryce Beattie

I'm writing a program that will use an external command to do some work, then get some results back from that external command.

If I use appShellExec, I can add all the needed arguments to the command, but I can't get back the output I need.

If I use appGetCmdOutput, I cannot include the arguments in the call to the external executable. If I try to include the arguments (example: "./sqlite3.exe test.db", I get a "file not exists" error.

I have tried to have the program write a windows .bat file with the command + arguments, and then running the bat file, but that is not working well, either.

Is there any way I can get you to add an optional Args argument so that the new call is appGetCmdOutput( string ExecPath, boolean hideWindow, string workingDir, string Args ) or something similar?


Hello Bryce,

You are right. In fact, this function don't expect any arguments, since we must talk about a command line, not an executable path. There is a new release of DecSoft HTML Compiler that removes the file exists check when use the referred function. I hope you can get working what you wanted now.

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