App Builder's plugins

Text2Speech - Convert text to speech from our applications 3 Install the Cordova Network plugin 4 Biometric - Easy authentication with biometric sensors 1 Analytics - Easy integration of Google Analytics™ in our apps 1 PhotoViewer - Alternative way to show image URLs in our apps 1 SendSMS - Send SMS messages from our applications 1 Flashlight - Switch the flashlight / torch of the device 1 Feedback - Native haptic and acoustic feedback 1 AdMob - Shown an AdMob banner into the application 1 Toast Message - Native Toasts (a little text popups) on your apps 2 Statusbar - Fixed iOS Statusbar overlapping UI 2 Privacy Screen - Keeps sensitive information private! 2 Keep Awake - Prevent the screen of the device from falling asleep 4 Native Sharing - Use a native sharing dialog in your apps 2 Welcome to this forum's section! 1

Everybody can read the DecSoft support forum for learning purposes, however only DecSoft customers can post new threads. Purchase one or more licenses of some DecSoft products in order to give this and other benefits.