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Products Prices Licenses Subtotals
App Builder €300
HTML Compiler €160
Photo Compiler €160
Screen GIF €120
Small Editor €120
Img Converter €80
Volume Keys €30
Mega Pack (58 plugins) 75% off! €2320 €580
Ten Bundle (10 plugins) 30% off! €400 €280
Five Bundle (5 plugins) 20% off! €200 €160
NeoPlugin np8047 €40
NeoPlugin npAbac €40
NeoPlugin npArea €40
NeoPlugin npBars €40
NeoPlugin npCalc €40
NeoPlugin npCams €40
NeoPlugin npCard €40
NeoPlugin npCiph €40
NeoPlugin npClip €40
NeoPlugin npComp €40
NeoPlugin npConf €40
NeoPlugin npCron €40
NeoPlugin npCust €40
NeoPlugin npDesk €40
NeoPlugin npDraw €40
NeoPlugin npDrop €40
NeoPlugin npFile €40
NeoPlugin npFind €40
NeoPlugin npGaug €40
NeoPlugin npGest €40
NeoPlugin npGrid €40
NeoPlugin npHash €40
NeoPlugin npHook €40
NeoPlugin npHour €40
NeoPlugin npImgs €40
NeoPlugin npInfo €40
NeoPlugin npKeys €40
NeoPlugin npList €40
NeoPlugin npLogs €40
NeoPlugin npMine €40
NeoPlugin npMsgs €40
NeoPlugin npNots €40
NeoPlugin npOsds €40
NeoPlugin npPasc €40
NeoPlugin npPdfs €40
NeoPlugin npPlot €40
NeoPlugin npPops €40
NeoPlugin npPush €40
NeoPlugin npQrco €40
NeoPlugin npRexp €40
NeoPlugin npSapi €40
NeoPlugin npScop €40
NeoPlugin npShow €40
NeoPlugin npStrs €40
NeoPlugin npTalk €40
NeoPlugin npTask €40
NeoPlugin npTess €40
NeoPlugin npTime €40
NeoPlugin npTips €40
NeoPlugin npTool €40
NeoPlugin npTray €40
NeoPlugin npUtil €40
NeoPlugin npWave €40
NeoPlugin npXmls €40
NeoPlugin npZbar €40
NeoPlugin npZint €40
NeoPlugin npZips €40
NeoPlugin npZoom €40
By purchasing one or more licenses of DecSoft's products you can use the software without any present nor future limitations, obtain one year or more of free of charge minor upgrades and a 50% off discount in major upgrades, preferential support via E-Mail and exclusive access to the DecSoft's website customer's area.
If you are a single individual, no matter if you are a professional freelance or not, then you can buy just one license of DecSoft's products and you are allowed to use such license in all of your owned computers. There is no limit in the number of installations you can made in all the computers of your property.
If you represent a company with more than one employee you must buy one license of DecSoft's products per every employee/program user, however, every employee can install and use the program in all their computers, no matter if they are personal or company owned computers. A volume discount is applied when purchase more than three licenses of a product.
If you want it's possible to acquire DecSoft's products licenses using an bank wire transfer. Contact me in order to provide you the right IBAN number. Refunds cannot be issued for payments already made. You should try the DecSoft's products before purchasing to make sure they are right for you.
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