Small Editor

Are you looking for a Microsoft Notepad™ replacement? Then you're in the right place! Small Editor can be used to edit plain text and source code (recognize and highlight dozens of programming languages) lightweight, fast and effective. This website, for example, is edited using Small Editor.

Very fast

Small Editor is lightweight and starts faster, just like you expect from a Windows™ Notepad replace. It's perfect to work with plain text files and also with source code files.


Plenty of characteristics like the search and replace in files, print preview, remote FTP files edition, support for plugins, something included out of the box ,and many, many more!

Daily usage

Small Editor want to be an editor for the daily usage, a good replacement for the Microsoft Windows™ Notepad, the program load very fast, because furthermore it's a native application for Windows™.


Small Editor is... small, but count with a considerable ammount of options. However, you can simply use the program like an advanced plain text and source editor and start using it from the beginning.