Photo Compiler

If you want to create impressive photo galleries as standalone executables for Microsoft Windows™ you're in the right place! Photo Compiler allows to create attractives, practices and useful galleries with your photos and images and then convert it into executable programs ready to be viewed without any dependency.

It's secure

Your photo galleries (with any number of photos) are compiled into standalone Microsoft Windows™ executables without dependencies. Your photos are never extracted into the user's computer.


You can customize lot of options to shown every of your photos: the time in wich they remains visibles, a different background image for every photo, more than 170 transitions effects, and many, many more!

Easy to use

Simply add photos into your gallery and select one or more of them to start to customize their visibility time, the transition effect to be used, the effect's duration, etc. Then you are ready to compile your project!


Photo compiler is really customizable and include dozens of themes for both their user graphic interface and the applications that you can create for Microsoft Windows™.

Take a look!

In the next video you can see working Photo Compiler! In just a minute you can see how a gallery is prepared and how they are converted into a Microsoft Windows™ standalone executable.

Very simple

Photo Compiler do not shown any interface element in your applications. But this is exactly what we wanted in order to let your galleries exactly as you wanted without interferences!

CLI support

Photo Compiler include a command line compiler aside with the visual environment. Using that we can compile our galleries from the command line interpreter, quickly and fast.