Domo Electra: App Builder's use case

Here is another good sample of application developed by 50/120 comunicacion using DecSoft's App Builder: Domo Electra. This application is made for a famous spanish Youtuber and for their company. The Domo Electra app is also available for iOS™. In both platform the app wants to be useful for the Domo Electra users and customers, providing lot of features like the latest news, videos, adverts, store, and many, many more.

I already mention that the Domo Electra app is developed by 50/120 comunicacion, an spanish company which uses DecSoft's App Builder in other projects too, like the safeBonsai app, another DecSoft's App Builder use case. Certainly the team of 50/120 comunicacion made very good projects and we are proud they choose DecSoft's App Builder to develop them.

safeBonsai: App Builder's use case

Here is another good sample of application developed by safeBonsai using DecSoft's App Builder. The safeBonsai company offers a hardware device who allow us to control our bonsai tree humidity. This hardware device is accompanied with an app available for Android™ and iOS™, to view and manage the information provided by the hardware device in real time. Take a quick look in the below video!

Behind the safeBonsai project is 50/120 comunicacion, an spanish company with lof ot other projects, including other apps developed by DecSoft's App Builder. Some of these apps must be shown here in the near future as very good cases of use of DecSoft's App Builder. Certainly DecSoft's App Builder provide us a fast way to develop for various platforms like Android™ and iOS™.

DecSoft's App Builder at Softpedia®

We are proud to announce that DecSoft's App Builder has been choosed for the Softpedia® Software Of The Week for Microsoft Windows™. Softpedia® is one of the best websites to download software, because they not only collect links to software products, but also maintain a database with the software's history, review the software in a personal way, not only copy the software description from the software vendors.

Emplea2: App Builder's use case

Here in this blog entry DecSoft are very proud to present the Emplea2 app, an "in house" app for the workers of the Empresa Malagueña de Transportes S.A.M. company, the responsible for the public transport in the city of Málaga, Spain. The Emplea2 app is probably one of the most complete apps developed with DecSoft's App Builder until today: this app have right now more than 88 app's views, hundrends of Http Clients controls, Websocket based chats and many more.

DecSoft also helps in the development of the Emplea2 app, which is made with our DecSoft's App Builder. Our main target platforms are Android™ and iOS™, but thanks to DecSoft's App Builder the app can also works in other platforms. And apparently the company's workers are happy with the results! In the first couple of days we reach more than 50% off the total company's workers!

5 in 1 with DecSoft's App Builder

DecSoft's App Builder is an useful 5 in 1 development environment for Microsoft Windows™ that allows you to create professional apps. With DecSoft's App Builder, even without programming knowledge, we can create HTML5, WebExtensions, WebApps, Progressive WebApps and Hybrid apps for the modern browsers and many desktop and mobile platforms, all with the same code base!

The best plugins for NeoBook™

DecSoft's are very, very proudly to maintain from many, many years ago, the World's best collection of plugins for the NeoBook™ program. The DecSoft's NeoPlugins add to NeoBook™ 1136 new actions by a total of 59 plugins, allowing you to enhance your NeoBook's programs in lot of different ways. DecSoft's have NeoPlugins customers all around the world, and they are used in too many personal and professional applications.

Your DecSoft's customer area

Anybody who has been purchased one or more DecSoft's products licenses are considered a DecSoft's customer and have access to the DecSoft's customer area, in which they can find some useful stuff. The DecSoft's customer area allow to the customers to view, copy and download their licenses, download outdated releases of the products and upgrade their licenses at the best price.

Welcome to the DecSoft's blog!

I am very happy to welcome you to the DecSoft's blog, in which I want to share with you news, information, offers and any other kind of stuff related with all the DecSoft's products. DecSoft have sixteen years of experience developing software for Microsoft Windows™ and the web. Here in this website you can download all the DecSoft's products demos in order to try it, with the hope that you can find it useful for you.

Please, standby for more blog posts here in the near future!