DecSoft's About

DecSoft have seventeen years of experience developing software for Microsoft Windows and the World Wide Web. We place at your disposition all my products with the hope that can be useful for you. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need some custom software solution.

Web sites & web apps

If you need a web site for your personal use or for your business or company, we can offer to you the best in the most recent web technologies. We use our own well proved framework for the server side and well knows frameworks in the client side.

Software for Windows

If you need a native program for Microsoft Windows you also can count with us. We have lot of experience developing software for this operating system and want to offer this experience for you to create useful native Windows applications for you, your business or company.

Software for macOS

We can develop native software for macOS too. In fact, our native development tool offer to us (and to you) the ability to develop native programs for the Windows and the macOS operating system using the same code base, so you can get a program that works in the same way in both Windows and macOS.

Plug-ins for Neobook

You probably know that DecSoft have published right now 59 plug-ins for NeoBook: the World's Best collection of plug-ins for NeoBook. We can develop customs plug-ins for you, in order to enhance your already existing or new NeoBook applications. We have lot of experience on this field.

Apps for Android and iOS

By using DecSoft's App Builder we can create applications for Android, iOS and other supported platforms. We already help to create various applications using our DecSoft's App Builder and can also help you in your own applications too.

Don't hesitate to contact!

We are ready to reply to you as quickly as possible. Don't hesitate to contact. Feel free to write an email at or just use the DecSoft's contact form. We will happy to help you.

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App Builder] is of a genius, man! you beat even google's android studio, your products need more publicity, and people to share what you do, i will do what possibly can to help you here in Greece, maybe my dream to make a cool app is on the way!!!